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Better Way To Be More Productive

Citramanik is a powerful tool to help your productivity with Inkscape. This tool will reads ID patterns (i.e icon-small, page-medium, page-big, etc) that you've set and then exports them to the file format that you need. Citramanik allows you to feel like you are working with artboards or multiple pages in Inkscape.

icon-fasterFaster Export Progress

Citramanik is the latest transformation from Inkporter which has proven its reliability. We provide many improvements that make Citramanik have the ability to export up to 5x faster than Inkporter.

icon-exportMore Export Formats

Currently Citramanik supports file export in SVG, EPS, PDF, PNG, JPG, WEBP, and  ZIP archives to make it easier for  a seller of design assets in several marketplaces. PDF, JPG, and EPS now has CMYK colorspace support.

icon-resourcesMaximum Resources

You can set the number of threads used to process your work. This is very important to provide comfort and performance adjustments with each of your work devices.

icon-crossplatformCross Platform App

Citramanik can be run on GNU / Linux Distribution and Windows. Support for Mac OS is likely to appear soon too. Basically, Citramanik is an open source tool that anyone can modify according to applicable regulations.

icon-simpleSimple & Friendly Interface

Citramanik has a very compact design with ease of use as its main orientation. We make Citramanik for everyone, especially those of you who want to be more productive without having to struggle to use work tools.

icon-supportLongterm Support

We provide live support for Citramanik users. This is intended to provide convenience to users when they encounter problems in using Citramanik, including update information, bug reporting, and others.

Help Development

Better Way To Be More Productive

We will continue to provide continuous improvements for Citramanik. It is important to provide users with a good experience for as long as possible. Major updates to Citramanik as well as additions to special modules to improve Citramanik performance will be released periodically. If you think Citramanik is helpfulp to save your time and done your task, you're welcome to send some donations to CItramanik Developer. 

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File Operating System Link
Citramanik-qt (Deb) Debian & Ubuntu Based Distro Download
Citramanik (AUR) Arch Based Distro Download
Citramanik-qt-1.3.2-sid-x86_64.AppImage Linux General with GLIBC 2.29 or newer
Citramanik-qt-1.3.2-bionic-x86_64.AppImage Linux General with GLIBC 2.24 or newer
citramanik-qt_1.3.0_catalina.dmg MacOS Catalina (Experimental) Download
Citramanik-qt-1-3-0.exe Windows 10 (64bit)/7 (32bit) Download
Source Code Source code of Citramanik Download
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Citramanik work with Inkscape 1.0 or latest. Get the latest Inkscape here!

See what's new in latest release. Citramanik Changelogs

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